Seventeen’s Wonwoo apologises for past comments on Girls’ Generation

The idol made derogatory comments towards the girl group while he was in elementary school

Seventeen’s Wonwoo apologises for past comments on Girls’ Generation

Seventeen’s Wonwoo has apologised for his past derogatory comments towards Girls’ Generation.

A recent post on Pann, a Korean site which includes user-uploaded posts, alleged that Wonwoo made negative posts about the girl group, including ones that called them “the garbage of the singing industry”.

His posts also reportedly included plastic surgery accusations, which were accompanied by pictures, some of which were edited. Additionally, he is said to have mocked Girls’ Generation members with harsh names in his past posts.

Today (May 9), he uploaded a handwritten apology letter onto Seventeen’s fan café and admitting that it was him who made the posts. In his apology, he said, “Instead of coming up with excuses that I made a mistake when I was young or don’t remember doing it, I want to apologise, admit my mistake and be punished for it.

I’m sorry to my industry seniors, Girls’ Generation, their fans, our Carats (Seventeen fans) and to my members who worked hard to become the group Seventeen. I learned how hard it was to become a performer after I became a trainee in middle school and learned what it means to be on stage after Seventeen’s debut.

I also learned how big an accomplishment Girls’ Generation’s position is and respect them for it. After receiving love from our fans, I also learned that I need to be responsible for my actions and how others’ comments could affect a celebrity’s feelings.”

Instead of asking for forgiveness, the idol shared that he will be reflecting and wants to apologise to Girls’ Generation for his words, adding that he will also be reading all the criticism that has been posted about this issue.

Photo: Pledis Entertainment

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