SHINee extends Seoul concert to three-day event

The quintet will be kicking off its SHINee World IV concerts in Seoul on May 15 

SHINee extends Seoul concert to three-day event

Photo: S.M. Entertainment

SHINee announced last month that they will be kicking off their SHINee World IV tour in Seoul. What was supposed to be a weekend event was confirmed to be extended to a three-day fiesta instead with the addition of a Friday night concert.

Their label, S.M. Entertainment, shared that the overwhelming support from fans for the two shows encouraged them to extend the concert to three days, and that the concert will now be from May 15 to 17.

Ticketing for the newly-added show will begin on April 15 on Korean site YES24, with many expecting the tickets for their third show to mimic the previous round and sell out in a flash.

Meanwhile, SHINee has yet to announce if they will be making a Korean comeback at around that time. The quintet previously shared at their Tokyo Dome concert’s press conference that they were in the midst of preparing for one but declined to elaborate on any details of their return.

SHINee last released their Korean mini album Everybody in October 2013 and their Japanese studio album I’m Your Boy in September 2014.

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