Shinhwa awarded full rights to their name

The group has reached this milestone to use their name after 12 years of legal tussles

Shinhwa awarded full rights to their name

Photo: Shincom Entertainment

It’s a day to rejoice for Shinhwa and their fans as the sextet has been awarded full rights to use the band’s trademark name.

Shinhwa left S.M. Entertainment in 2003 after their contract expired and inked an agreement for the former to carry on using their name even after leaving the company. However, the name ‘Shinhwa’ was officially trademarked in 2005 and S.M. consigned the name to Jun Media, which was then known as Open World, and later gave them the rights to the name in 2006.

Last year, the group suffered a partial loss to Jun Media over the trademark but stressed that there would be no problem with using their name for future activities. It was revealed that today’s decision was reached through an amicable agreement with Jun Media.

The long-standing group made the announcement through their official site, stating that they have been given final rights to trademark the name Shinhwa and is currently in the process of completing the name transfer.

Continuing, they added that fans have suffered the most during the legal tussle over their name, adding a promise to work harder to make the name one that is even more worth treasuring. They ended off their statement by thanking fans for their support for the past 17 years of their career.

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