SM denies sexual harassment claims

A fan posted an angry rant claiming that she was touched inappropriately

SM denies sexual harassment claims

S.M. Entertainment has stepped up to strongly deny accusations that they sexually harassed a fan during a security check at the label’s multi-purpose venue, SMTOWN at COEX Artium. The location comprises of a virtual studio, café and theatre in which visitors can enjoy holographic and live performances.

It is believed that the person involved is a fan of EXO, of which leader Suho was a special guest at SM Theatre on March 31. While she did not confirm the date on which the incident occurred, the fan went on an angry rant on Twitter, claiming that security requested to touch her chest to check if there was recording equipment hidden there.

In addition, she claimed that a manager asked her to lift her clothes up so that he could also check her behind, dragging her by the arm to the entrance while she was walking to her seat.

In a press release which was also put up on the venue's homepage, S.M. declared that her claims were contrary to what was recorded by the CCTVs at the venue, and that no form of harassment took place during the fan’s visit. They have also met with the person involved ahead of taking legal action against her.

Photo: S.M. Entertainment

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