SM Ent: Kris & Luhan’s Chinese activities are illegal

The company has filed a formal complaint with a Shanghai court against their promotions in China

SM Ent: Kris & Luhan’s Chinese activities are illegal

Photos: SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment has filed a formal complaint with a Shanghai court on February 4 against Kris and Luhan’s Chinese activities, declaring them as illegal.

Through an official statement, the company explained that the two had unilaterally filed respective lawsuits using the same law firm against SM last year to nullify their contracts, adding that the company concluded that the two used EXO as a way to gain popularity through its various activities. As such, SM feels that the pair’s current activities are resulting in huge economic damages to the company and its affiliates.

They further added that they spent a large amount of resources and manpower to groom EXO for the past two years to be world-class artistes, and that the two left the group without permission after they had gained a steady fan base with no regard for their contracts nor basic morality. As such, they concluded that their actions displayed moral and legal misconduct and should be dealt with.

The statement also declared that they will be blocking Kris and Luhan’s Chinese activities in whatever way they can, maintaining that the company’s position on this will not change in order to ensure that no further damages are incurred by any other companies.

Additionally, SM has shared that Kris and Luhan’s exclusive contracts with the label are still valid as the South Korean courts that they filed their lawsuits with have yet to make a final judgment on the case. As such, all activities that they are currently participating in are deemed as illegal and in direct violation of their contracts. They emphasised that strong legal action will be taken in order for them to take responsibility for their actions thus far.

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