Song Joong Ki’s company denies that he has signed with a Chinese company

The actor was said to be contracted to a Chinese company for S$23.3 million


After the meteoric rise of the Korean drama Descendants of the Sun, its lead actors Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo have been enjoying immense popularity in countries all across Asia, particularly China.

Due to his sudden surge in popularity, there are rumours that Joong Ki is in talks to sign a contract with a Chinese management company, with the 30-year-old’s contract fee said to have been as high as KRW$ 20 billion (approximately S$23.3 million), which will effectively make him “one of the highest paid celebrities”.

An insider had revealed that the actor has been meeting with the representatives of an influential Chinese management company, and that he has expressed his interest in the Chinese market.

However, Joong Ki’s current management company has refuted these rumours, saying, “The rumours that Song Joong Ki will be leaving our company do not match up with the truth,” adding that the actor is on extremely good working terms with his company and has never thought of leaving.

The actor’s company also gave an update on the actor’s schedule, revealing that he is “focusing on preparing for his fanmeets right now, and will start filming for his new movie, Battleship soon.”

Photos: PBE Media

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