Song Joong Ki’s father entertains the crowd with his speech

The actor’s father was said to have been the life of the party

Song Joong Ki

Korean celebrities Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s wedding may be over, but many are still awaiting to hear more elaborate details about the ceremony which took place on Oct 31, as it was held in utmost privacy. Three days after the wedding, the speech made by Joong Ki’s dad was released and went viral on the internet.

According to a guest at the wedding, Joong Ki’s dad first opened up with telling the guests that they were the ones who had been “carefully considered by the couple” and joked that they should complain to Joong Ki if they were unhappy about their seats, and if not, they should sing his praises.

“If anyone is unsatisfied with their treatment today, please tell the bride and groom and get them to repay you as both of them are very rich,” he joked, drawing laughter from the crowd.

The actor’s father had previously been rumoured to have objected to the relationship due to the bride being four years older than his son (Hye Kyo is 36 while Joong Ki is 32).

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However, he has since clarified this in an interview and said that he had “never said such a thing" and "it’s a misunderstanding.” He also said that he completely respects his son’s decisions as he is already a grown up and at a suitable age to get married. 

Following the wedding, the couple were just recently seen at the airport yesterday, presumably heading to Europe for their honeymoon.

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