SPICA’s Jiwon involved in three car pileup

The idol rear-ended two taxis while on the way home after falling asleep while behind the wheel

SPICA’s Jiwon involved in three car pileup

Photo: B2M Entertainment

SPICA’s Jiwon was involved in a three car pileup late last night (July 2) while she was on the way home. The accident reportedly occurred after she fell asleep while behind the wheel.

The idol is said to have hit two taxis while traveling from Apgujeong to her home after falling asleep while waiting for the lights to change. The vehicles were in the next lane. One of the taxi drivers was among the four who were sent to hospital after the accident, but was not seriously injured. Jiwon was also brought to the hospital after hurting her right wrist.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency is said to have confirmed that she was subjected to a blood alcohol level test, which she passed, meaning that she was not driving under the influence of alcohol.

Netizens have been quick to point out that the agency did not issue an apology together with the statement although she is currently seen to be the cause of the incident. The matter is currently still under investigation by the police.

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