Sulli’s fate with f(x) undecided

The label released their non-answer after reports of her departure from the group emerged this morning 

Sulli’s fate with f(x) undecided

Photo: S.M. Entertainment

Fans of Korean girl group f(x) were sent into a tizzy this morning when reports claimed that Sulli has officially withdrawn from the group and that they will make their official comeback as four.

Going on to say that she left the idol group in order to further her career in acting, some netizens commented that this announcement was a long time coming after f(x) halted promotions for their studio album Red Light last year amidst dating rumours between Sulli and Dynamic Duo’s Choiza.

Sulli announced her indefinite break from celebrity activities last July due to mental and physical exhaustion stemming from malicious comments and false rumours about her, but has made sporadic appearances at activities such as her movie’s premiere and for solo photoshoots.

f(x) was hit by a similar crisis earlier last month when leader Victoria was reported by Chinese media to be leaving the group. The rumours were swiftly dismissed by label S.M. Entertainment and subsequently by Victoria herself.

S.M. made its official statement on Sulli’s status with f(x) following the reports, stating that nothing has been decided and her future with the group will be determined after careful considerations. They also dismissed rumours of a September comeback for f(x) as a quintet, sharing that while they are aiming for a comeback for the group in the latter half of the year, no details have been finalised as of yet.

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