Sunny and Seo In Guk dating rumours blasted as groundless

The Girls’ Generation member was said to be taking care of the actor who was hospitalised 

Sunny and Seo In Guk dating rumours blasted as groundless

Photos: Baby G, Jellyfish Entertainment

It’s official: Sunny ain’t got a boy just yet.

Reports that claimed that the Girls’ Generation member was dating rising actor Seo In Guk were published earlier today (May 15) but were flatly denied by both stars’ respective agencies.

Korean media outlet Sports Seoul claimed that the two were seeing each other with good feelings and were introduced by Yuri, who starred with the 27-year-old actor in the movie No Breathing.

They added that Sunny attentively tended to Seo In Guk while the latter was hospitalised, even going to the extent of staying overnight to watch over him.

Seo In Guk’s label, Jellyfish Entertainment, swiftly responded to the rumours, sharing that the two were just friends and not in a relationship as reported. S.M. Entertainment took a firmer stance on the matter, calling the rumours groundless.

Thus far, only Sunny and Seohyun have yet to publicly acknowledge any dating rumours, with the latest member confirmed to be in a relationship to be Yuri, who is dating a baseball star.

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