Super Junior’s Sungmin & Kim Sa Eun are “practically stuck together”

The musical actress recently guested on an episode of Korean talk show Hello Counselor

Super Junior’s Sungmin & Kim Sa Eun are “practically stuck together”

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Super Junior’s Sungmin became the talk of the town when he became the first member of the iconic Hallyu group to tie the knot. He admitted to dating musical actress Kim Sa Eun in September last year and the pair tied the knot in a private ceremony on December 13.

Kim Sa Eun guested on the March 9 episode of Korean talk show Hello Counselor, where she answered a question posed by a lady whose husband seems more interested in playing sports than spending time with her.

Her response, which included her hope that the woman’s husband engages in genuine skinship (physical intimacy) more often with her, was met with another question by one of the hosts, Lee Young Ja.

Young Ja questioned if Sungmin and Sa Eun have skinship often, to which she confessed that the two are “practically stuck together”. In the same episode, Sa Eun shared her worries of Sungmin’s impending military enlistment, explaining that she is concerned about how she will adjust to his absence.

The couple’s romance has been the centre of disapproval from some of the group’s fans, with the pair’s respective Instagram accounts being forced to shut down a day after its creation after receiving massive backlash from fans.

Sungmin is slated to enlist for his mandatory military duty alongside fellow member Shindong later this month.

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