SWITCHAROO: Who would VIXX be for a day?

The Korean idol group was in town and shared their thoughts on their third anniversary and who they’d live as for a day

SWITCHAROO: Who would VIXX be for a day?

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It’s been a good three years for Korean idol group VIXX. Debuting in 2012 after emerging as the six survivors from a reality programme, they have since worked hard to gain their current popularity and reputation as a well-mannered and hard working group.

While five members arrived in Singapore two days ahead of their first local concert, VIXX Live Fantasia Utopia in Singapore, and fielded questions from the media yesterday (May 28) in closed door interviews, they apologised that Ken was unable to make it due to his musical schedules in Korea and would only be able to fly in for the concert itself.

“It’s been three years that we’ve been receiving love from our fans and we’ve felt the amount of love showered on us increasing so we’ve been having many happy moments and we believe that we’ve spent our three years together well,” leader N mused at the start of our session.

After spending such a long time together, we wondered if there was any member they would like to switch roles with for a day, and they lived up to their reputations by ensuring that no one present was left out of the merry-go-round of role swapping.

Hyuk mused, “I’d want to be Hongbin for a day because he looks really manly and I think that’s really attractive” while N chuckled, “I’ve performed rap on the stage a number of times but I’ve seen Ravi’s rap performances and he looks really cool doing it so I’d want to try to do rap in Ravi’s style once too.”

When it came to Hongbin’s turn, he responded wryly, “Leo is a very quiet person so I’d like to try being him for a day just to see what it feels like to be him” and Leo, in turn, added in his soft voice, “I’d want to live as N for a day because his mood is never affected no matter how people bother him. I think that would be a very interesting and happy day for me.”

Last but not least, Ravi drew laughs from the other members when he declared, “I’d want to live as maknae (youngest member) Hyuk for a day because he’s really buff so he controls all the other older members. I’d like to know how it feels to be so physically strong.”

With VIXX having spent years in the industry, they have naturally grown close to their fellow idols. N, in particular, is notably close to Super Junior’s Ryeowook, who frequently updates his social media platforms with snaps with the group’s leader.

When asked about the other members’ feelings towards their close friendship, they pondered, “N is always taking such good care of us so it’s really great to see someone looking after N as a senior and it’s definitely not a source of jealousy for us.”

SWITCHAROO: Who would VIXX be for a day?

When probed on which seniors they would like to get close to, they paused to think before naming BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and actor Kim Soo Hyun as those they are keen on getting advice from or even working together with some day.

Given the name of their tour, what then is VIXX’s idea of a Fantasia Utopia? While Ravi philosophised that there isn’t such a thing as a perfect world and Hongbin mused that a place where everyone was healthy and happy would be the closest we could get to one, N chuckled, “A world where everyone loves VIXX sounds pretty perfect to me.”

VIXX Live Fantasia Utopia in Singapore will take place from 8pm today (May 29) at The MAX Pavilion@Singapore Expo. Tickets are available on SISTIC.

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