Tao keeps fans in suspense on his status in EXO

The idol updated his personal Weibo with an ambiguous message amidst rumours of his departure from the group

Tao keeps fans in suspense on his status in EXO

Photo: S.M. Entertainment

EXO-L have been through an emotional time as one of the two remaining Chinese members, Tao, was claimed to be leaving EXO. His father’s emotional open letter had many preparing for the worst, but it has yet to be seen if label S.M. Entertainment’s pledge to try to keep him in the group will pull through.

In his first social media update since the letter was revealed, Tao updated his personal Weibo with a short and ambiguous message. His update, posted last night (Apr 26) read, “I’m sorry. Thank you.”

Previously, his close friend and fellow entertainer Huang Xiaoming reportedly mentioned that Tao would make an official statement last week on his status in the group – a deadline fans nervously waited for but no updates have been released from either Tao or S.M. since then.

Last week, an SM C&C producer who is said to manage the label’s activities in China deleted his personal Twitter account after posting that Lay would likely leave EXO after Tao. While it was made on a personal level, EXO-L quickly caught wind of his post, causing much distress within the fandom.

Last year, EXO was plagued with two departures, which started off with Kris and was soon followed by Luhan. The two are currently involved in acting projects in China despite S.M.’s lawsuits against the two of them, calling for all their commercial activities to be halted.

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