Tao sets up personal studio in China

The announcement comes amidst the idol’s continued silence on his official status with EXO

Tao sets up personal studio in China

Photo: S.M. Entertainment

Tao has set up a personal studio in China amidst the idol’s continued silence on his official status with EXO.

Many have speculated that he has called it quits with the Hallyu group after he departed for Los Angeles last month to purportedly seek treatment for his injuries. He also made a solo appearance in China after his father published a letter seeking to withdraw his son from EXO, where the idol broke down in tears and asked fans for their understanding and patience.

His fellow EXO member, Lay, has a studio established by label S.M. Entertainment in China for his activities there and likewise, one is currently being set up for f(x)’s leader Victoria.

In the latest update, a new Weibo account was created and updated, “Hi everyone, this is Huang Zi Tao (Z.TAO)’s official personal studio. From today onwards, all news and activities of his will be announced here. We’re also in the process of authenticating (our account and) we welcome everyone to follow us.”

While fans questioned the credibility of the account, a quick check on Tao’s personal Weibo shows that he has followed the account. Furthermore, Tao’s father reposted the update and added, “Huang Zi Tao’s official studio has been established today! We welcome everyone to follow (the account)”.

Meanwhile, Lay reportedly commented, in an upcoming episode of Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, that he is the only Chinese member in EXO, causing some fans to distress over the indirect confirmation that Tao has officially left the group.

S.M. has yet to make an official statement on the latest update.

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