Tasty ends Korean promotions

Their label, Woollim Entertainment, has released responses which have been greeted by Tasty’s rebuttals

Tasty ends Korean promotions

Photo: Woollim Entertainment

Korean-Chinese twins Tasty abruptly announced that they have put an end to all their Korean promotions after close to eight years.

The duo (Daeryong & Soryong), which debuted under Woollim entertainment, made the announcement on their official Weibo account yesterday (July 15), sharing in Mandarin that there are many things that they have yet to adjust to with the company and made their decision after much consideration.

Continuing that they believe that the fans that have supported them all this while will understand their decision, they concluded that the end of their life in Korea does not equate to the end of their music and that they will continue to release new tunes.

Woollim initially responded that they were working towards a Korean and Chinese comeback for the duo but that they suddenly left for China and were uncontactable despite their best efforts.

Tasty once again took to their SNS – this time Twitter – to voice their stand on the matter, slamming that the claims of disappearing without notice were false, adding that they spoke to the CEO and directors before.

Adding that they actively voiced out on the matters they did not understand, Tasty continued that the label voiced their understanding of the twins’ position. They then questioned why Woollim put out statements saying that they disappeared without warning.

In another post, they also shared that the company chose a comeback title for them without asking for their opinions and threatened to push their comeback date if they did not accept the track. Ending off with a declaration that they are usually not the type to explain every single matter, they stressed that they will do so if absolutely necessary.

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