TEEN TOP to halt personal SNS activities

The announcement came after Niel was swept up in dating rumours

TEEN TOP to halt personal SNS activities

Photo: TOP Media

TEEN TOP has announced that they will halt all personal SNS activities, shortly after vocalist Niel was swept up in dating rumours with a non-celebrity.

Reports alleged that the two were dating after numerous photos of them wearing a couple accessory surfaced on their respective Instagram accounts. In addition, he was seen hitting like on one of her posts, something he quickly reversed but was still spotted by eagle-eyed netizens.

Following which, the sextet’s leader C.A.P. posted the announcement on TEEN TOP’s official fan page, first apologising for causing the fans to worry and then sharing that their personal social media accounts will be closed with immediate effect.

However, fans will continue to be able to catch the members online as they will update their official group account instead. Wrapping up the statement thanking the fans for the support, they promised to work harder in future to show a better image and not cause unnecessary concern.

Meanwhile, TEEN TOP won their first trophy with their latest title track, ‘ah-ah’ on SBS MTV’s The Show on June 30.

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