TVXQ! holds last concert before Yunho’s enlistment

The duo held an emotional two-day concert even in the midst of the MERS scare 

TVXQ! holds last concert before Yunho’s enlistment

Photo: S.M. Entertainment

One of the forerunners of the Hallyu wave, TVXQ!, held their last concert, TVXQ! SPECIAL LIVE TOUR – T1ST0RY & …!, before Yunho is slated to enlist for his mandatory military service next month.

Despite the current MERS scare in South Korea, the duo followed through with their concert but has offered full refunds to those too wary to attend. Their label, S.M. Entertainment, took strict measures to ensure that high levels of hygiene were maintained throughout the two-day event, which included disinfecting the venues before and after the concert and taking temperatures of all concert-goers twice before they were allowed entry to the venue.

The concert, which was also streamed lived to viewers in Korea and Japan, was a particularly emotional as they will be on a hiatus while he is serving. Yunho expressed his firm belief that he will leave the stage smiling and that he can only shed tears of joy upon his return to the spotlight.

With the duo thanking each other for carrying on with the group despite the difficulties they faced throughout their careers, many fans were reportedly brought to tears while reminiscing with TVXQ!.

Yunho will enlist on July 21 for his 21-month stint as an active duty soldier.

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