WGM under spotlight after Hong Jong Hyun’s dating rumour surfaces

The rumour was denied by both parties but has continued to raise questions if the couple will be taken off-air

WGM under spotlight after Hong Jong Hyun’s dating rumour surfaces

A report of After School’s Nana and actor Hong Jong Hyun surfaced recently, alleging that the two have been dating for seven months. Both celebrities’ representatives separately denied the allegations, saying that the two are just close friends.

In addition, Hong Jong Hyun is currently a cast member on reality show We Got Married, where celebrities are paired up and live the lives of married couples. The producers of the show also issued a statement, saying that they directly confirmed that they are not dating.

Netizens have taken up arms, saying that the actor’s cold attitude towards his reel-life wife, Girl’s Day’s Yura, was unfair to her earnest attitude in wanting to portray a more realistic image of a married couple on the show.

The producers have confirmed that the couple will continue to film on the show and the next scheduled filming will take place next week.

In related news, another cast member, actress Kim So Eun, recently came under fire after she ruled out developing real feelings for her on-screen husband, Song Jae Rim. The couple will also continue to be involved in the show.

We Got Married airs every Saturday on MBC and currently features Namgoong Min, Hong Jin Young, Hong Jong Hyun, Yura, Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun. 

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