Will iKON finally debut this August?

Their label, YG Entertainment, stressed that they are looking to debut the group at the end of August

Will iKON finally debut this August?

Photo: YG Entertainment

This August could finally mark the end of iKON’s long wait to debut, more than a year after the group’s lineup was confirmed with the conclusion of reality survival series, Mix & Match.

iKON was originally reported to debut at one month intervals after senior label mate BIGBANG and WINNER, but BIGBANG’s comeback was pushed back to May. YG later announced that iKON would debut before WINNER makes their comeback and it seems that this plan is well on its way to becoming a reality.

Latest reports have suggested that iKON will make their debut at the end of August, once BIGBANG completes promotions for their MADE series. YG’s Yang Hyun Suk expressed that the label will focus on ensuring that their artistes’ promotions do not overlap, resulting in what is often called a “team kill”.

Sharing that iKON is currently putting in the most effort to prepare for their debut, he confirmed that WINNER’s comeback is also high on the priority list for the company but iKON will take precedence given that they have yet to have their official debut.

Given that BIGBANG is slated to release full album in September, some fans have expressed their doubts over the August debut date, particularly because YG has yet to release its trademark ‘Who Is Next?’ teasers for iKON.

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