WINNER’s Mino apologises for offensive rap

The controversial lyrics were aired on rap survival show Show Me The Money 4

WINNER’s Mino apologises for offensive rap

Photo: YG Entertainment

WINNER’s Mino first made headlines for having joined the latest season of rap survival show Show Me The Money, with many wondering why the idol was part of the lineup when the series premiered with the aim of discovering new talent.

In the latest episode of Show Me The Money 4 which aired on July 10, his self-composed lyrics of “Spread your legs like you’re at the gynecologist’s” caused a huge backlash from the public, which felt that his lyrics were misogynic and demeaning.

Following which, the Gynecology Medical Association of Korea issued a statement calling the lyrics defamatory towards the profession and asked for an apology. The Korean Communication Standards Commission also confirmed that an evaluation was currently underway to determine the course of action to be taken against the programme for allowing problematic content to be aired.

After almost three days of silence, Mino made a public apology on WINNER’s official Facebook page, stating that he is “sincerely and deeply reflecting” on his lyrics, which he wrote while under pressure to do well against the other rappers on the show.

Adding that he was infinitely embarrassed and ashamed of himself after taking a step back to look at his actions, he conveyed his apologies to whoever felt offended by his words.

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