Winter Sonata sequel in the works

The production director and writers have reunited to work on this highly anticipated project

Winter Sonata sequel in the works

Photo: KBS

It’s a blast to the past for K-drama fans as a Winter Sonata sequel has been confirmed to be in the works.

Production Director (PD) Yoon Seok Ho and writers Yoon Eun Kyung and Kim Eun Hee have signed on to the project, which will be produced by Pan Entertainment that produced the original hit drama. The company is currently assembling its production team, which they hope will include as many of the original crew members as possible.

Pan Entertainment shared that a sequel was intended for a long time and that they had agreed upon working on a sequel a decade after the drama was released. While it has been 13 years since the drama first aired in 2002, fans of the franchise are likely to remain cautiously optimistic about the upcoming show.

Winter Sonata starred Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo and was part of the Endless Love series which was helmed by PD Yoon. Its counterparts – all named after seasons as well – were received well, but none reached the popularity of Winter Sonata. Autumn in My Heart was the first of the series, which starred Song Seung Hoon and Song Hye Gyo, with Summer Scent which starred Song Seung Hoon and Son Ye Jin being third in the series, which wrapped up with Spring Waltz that starred Seo Do Young and Han Hyo Joo.

Till this day, Winter Sonata-themed tours are still extremely popular with tourists to South Korea, which brings fans to Nami Island, where many scenes in the drama were filmed.

The sequel’s title, storyline and cast are expected to be revealed soon.

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