Wonder Girls to return as four on August 3

The group will be making their long-awaited comeback with Sunmi, Yubin, Yenny and Hyelim

Wonder Girls to return as four on August 3

Photo: JYP Entertainment

The Wonder Girls will be making their long-awaited comeback – but not with the lineup some were expecting.

Sohee and leader Sunye will not be part of this promotion cycle, with label JYP Entertainment maintaining that Sunye is still part of the group. Meanwhile, Sohee, who left JYP to further her career in acting, is said to be unable to fit Wonder Girls promotions into her schedule.

Sharing that their current comeback date is set for August 3, JYP continued that the date is not set in stone. Sunmi, who withdrew from the group in 2010 to focus on her academics, has also made her solo debut while the Wonder Girls were not actively promoting.

Furthermore, it has been confirmed that the now-quartet will be returning with a band concept, with Yenny on the keyboard, Hyelim on the guitar, Sunmi playing the bass guitar and Yubin as the group’s drummer.

The Wonder Girls was once considered at the top of the girl group food chain, with hits such as ‘Nobody’, ‘Tell Me’, ‘Irony’ and ‘Be My Baby’ dominating charts and receiving both national and international recognition. 

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