Wu Yi Fan & Luhan’s legal reps: SM has no right to block any activities

The two former EXO members have been locked in legal battles with SM Entertainment over issues stemming from their request for contract nullification 

Wu Yi Fan & Luhan’s legal reps: SM has no right to block any activities

Photo: S.M Entertainment

More drama is brewing in the legal battlefield between Wu Yi Fan (Kris), Luhan and S.M Entertainment. After the two filed their respective contract nullification requests in Seoul, the two returned to China, where they have been carrying out individual activites.

S.M proceeded to sue both Wu Yi Fan and Luhan in a Shanghai court, declaring their Chinese activities as illegal and warning that legal action would be taken against parties who engaged them in any activities. They then filed a separate lawsuit against Luhan in a Hong Kong court, calling his appearance in a movie shoot there a breach of contract.

Wu Yi Fan and Luhan’s legal team then released a strongly-worded statement, in which they questioned S.M’s sincerity to resolve the contract nullification issue, which has entered the mediation phase.

They added that S.M’s contracts have been continuously scrutinised by the Korean Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) due to its unfair conditions and are said to have been penalised on numerous occasions for them. These factors were what the pair’s legal team said to have caused them to file for the contract nullification, contrary to S.M’s claims that they did so unilaterally and without justification.

Bringing up JYJ’s case when they left the label, they also mentioned that the KFTC issued a sanction against S.M to stop them from interfering with their activities, calling their current actions similar to what happened before and declaring that they have no right to block their activities.

Ending strongly, they concluded that legal action will also be taken against S.M if it continues to make misleading or unjustified statements against Wu Yi Fan and Luhan.

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