Yoo Seung Ho explains tears at military discharge

The 21-year-old voluntarily enlisted in active duty in March last year

Yoo Seung Ho explains tears at military discharge

Photo: Screengrab from mydaily

Korean actor Yoo Seung Ho was discharged from his mandatory military duty yesterday (Dec 4) after serving 21 months in active duty. The 21-year-old is one of the rare entertainers who chose to enlist early, instead of delaying it until they turn 29, which is the cut-off age for enlistment.

Yoo Seung Ho quietly enlisted in March 2013 but greeted fans and the media after he was discharged. Pictures of the actor shedding tears quickly made its rounds on the internet, with many male netizens declaring their support for the young star in his future career.

The actor left a message on his fan café shortly after, thanking those who attended the ceremony. “Honestly, I don’t know what to say. I know that I’ve been discharged (from the army) but it feels as though I’ll have to go back in anytime soon,” he mused.

“Before enlisting, I remember wondering why celebrities cry at their discharge, but I can now understand their tears. I couldn’t hold mine back and it’s impossible to express my feelings (at the time)”, he continued.

Yoo Seung Ho shared, “I’ve served my 21 months but it pains me to see my juniors still there; I’m thankful for my commander; I’m sorry that I’m leaving. We went through so much (together) and when those priceless memories that only us in Unit 10 flashed past my eyes, my tears started to fall.”

“A second wave of tears emerged when I saw so many cameras and fans. I’ve looked through the articles and there are only photos of me crying,” he added.

“My dreams changed as I served the nation. I’m now an actor who wants to give people happiness. I hope that someone watches my work and enjoy the moments spent on it – that is my dream. I’m going to start (working) once again while holding on to the dream to become an actor who brings happiness. I also want to thank all the fans who have waited for me till now,” he concluded.

Yoo Seung Ho has confirmed his comeback project to be period movie Joseon Magician, which is courting Go Ara as its female lead.

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