ZE:A’s leader to go on indefinite hiatus

Moon Jun Young made the announcement through the group’s official fancafe

ZE:A’s leader to go on indefinite hiatus

Korean boy band ZE:A’s leader, Moon Jun Young, caught the attention of netizens when he took to his personal Twitter account to publicly criticise his label, Star Empire Entertainment, last month.

In his tweets, he blasted the company for unfair income division within the group, threatening to reveal their misdeeds. He later announced that they have reached a compromise and declared that the entire matter was a misunderstanding.

Today (Oct 21), he took to the group’s official fancafe to apologise for the “stormy time” that he put everyone through, adding that he has “lived for one dream ever since my teenage years.” Admitting that his actions were “thoughtless and emotional”, he shared that disagreements with agencies “happen with any celebrity label and the members and I are striving to resolve these issues”.

He went on, “When I decided that we could no longer communicate with our agency, I began to expose ZE:A’s reality through SNS while believing in the fans and public. What I wanted most was respect for ZE:A’s members.”

“After that, ZE:A met with our CEO and came to a solution regarding profit distribution, our rights and welfare and I believed that everything had been resolved,” Jun Young added. “I became more hostile to the public because of some speculations about me (and I admit that) I did not voice my opinion well. Therefore, the company has advised that I stop all activities for now.”

He concluded, “I’m sorry and sorry once again for making (things) hard for ZE:A’s. Thank you (…) Until the day I return, please continue to support the other eight members, just like you do now.”

Star Empire Entertainment confirmed the news on the group's official page confirming Jun Young's hiatus and calling for continued support for the remaining members of ZE:A.

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