Adam Lambert: 'Music is my therapy'

Adam Lambert says writing about his personal life is a great form of therapy.

Adam Lambert: 'Music is my therapy'

Adam Lambert's songs are like therapy.

The 33-year-old singer is happy to open up about his personal life in his music as he finds writing about his issues therapeutic.

Adam said: "I think it's like therapy, it's kind of a way to feel better about that stuff."

And he insisted that his new album, 'The Original High', is incredibly personal.

He told Glamoholic magazine: "It's a very personal album, you know, I wanted fans to be able to understand me a little bit better, some of my more sensitive kind of side and introspective side. I think on the previous album I got to be a little bit more kind of over the top conceptually. This one is a little bit more honest I think."

Adam also revealed that he wants his music, such as the track 'There I Said It', to empower people.

The openly gay star explained: "It's not always easy but I think a song like that is meant to try to give people strength. I think what I love about it is that the lyrics could be interpreted in so many different ways on that kind of song. It could be about a relationship, it could be about a relationship with a family member or a relationship with the public, which is I think the way I relate to it the most. I think that sometimes it takes a lot of extra energy to hide what and who you are."

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