Adele feels 'more prepared' for attention

British singer Adele has admitted she feels "more prepared" for the release of her new album '25'.

Adele feels 'more prepared' for attention

Adele feels "more prepared" for the release of her new album '25'.

The London-born singer became a worldwide superstar following the release of her last record '21', admitting she was shocked by the attention - but she is "less frightened" by the experience this time around.

Adele - who released '25' earlier this month - said: "I feel like I knew of knew what I was getting into this time.

"Not that I was expecting this kind of reaction, but because I'd experienced the success of '21', I was a little less frightened this time ... So, I felt a bit more prepared for it."

She said too, that she's been able to balance her personal and professional lives while promoting the album, revealing she's barely been apart from her three-year-old son Angelo.

The 'Hello' hitmaker told the 'TODAY' show: "My son comes everywhere with me. We're all good.

"He's the first person I see in the morning, and the last person I see at night, and vice versa...I make time for him like I always have.

"That's one of the main reasons that I've been away for so long.

"Because I was like no, my kid is more important. My kid comes first, and my music comes second - and I come second."

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