Adele: My son dislikes my music

London-born star Adele has admitted her three-year-old son doesn't like her music.

Adele: My son dislikes my music

Adele's son doesn't like her music.

The British singer has admitted her three-year-old boy Angelo - who she had with boyfriend Simon Konecki - doesn't enjoy listening to her chart-topping tracks and wouldn't buy his mother's new album '25' even if he could.

Asked if Angelo likes her songs, Adele said: "No. He likes 'Twinkle Twinkle', 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat', 'Batman', stuff like that. He's not interested in what I do.

"He knows I'm a singer and he loves it, and he's proud. He knows that it's going well. But, yeah, he's not - he wouldn't buy my record if he could."

The first song Adele penned for her new record was written for her son, and she admits becoming a mother has caused her to look at her career in a new perspective.

She told NPR: "I'm a very hands-on mum, and that's my reality. And he'll last forever, whereas my career might not, so I think it's important that I get my priorities right with that.

"[But] I remember doing the vocal [for 'Remedy'] and just feeling really alive again, and fitting in my own shoes rather than my mummy shoes.

"My hours were a bit different then - I'd hang out all day with the baby, and then I'd go to the studio like once he went down - so it was like two in the morning when I was doing the vocals, but it was a great feeling.

"That's how I know when I am willing to let a song be heard by people that I don't know, when I am moved by it."

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