Adriana Lima's insecurities

Adriana Lima admits there are times where she has to remind herself that she is beautiful.

Adriana Lima's insecurities

Adriana Lima feels insecure.

The Victoria's Secret Angel has been working with the lingerie brand since 2000, making her currently the longest-serving Angel, but admits she gets days where she has to remind herself she is beautiful.

She said: "The best beauty advice I've received is to highlight the things you appreciate about yourself. You shouldn't try to hide what you feel are imperfections with make-up; instead embrace them.

"Even though I am a model, I have days where I have to tell myself that I have to be the best version of myself mentally and it will show physically."

The 34-year-old beauty loves finishing off a look with a spritz of perfume and believes her love of fragrance stems from her childhood when she used to watch her mother get ready.

She told The Telegraph's Stella magazine: "When I was a little girl in Brazil, I used to watch my mother get ready. She would apply beautiful bright-red lipstick and blush, and always finished off with fragrance.

"I think these memories are the reason I love all of those things now. Similar to how an accessory makes an outfit, I believe that fragrance finishes a beauty routine."

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