Alexa Chung's '25 decades' of heartbreak

Alexa Chung admits she was heartbroken for "about 25 decades" following her split from Arctic Monkey rockers Alex Turner.

Alexa Chung's '25 decades' of heartbreak

Alexa Chung was heartbroken for "about 25 decades" after she split from Alex Turner.

The 31-year-old beauty was devastated when her romance with the Arctic Monkeys rocker ended in 2011 and thinks she receives less abuse now about her slender frame because she looks "healthier" and feels "happier".

She said: "Sometimes they'll troll me for being too thin. Less so now. I probably look a bit healthier. I'm definitely happier. I'm just not heartbroken any more, which went on for about 25 decades."

Alexa - who is rumoured to be dating Alexander Skarsgard - is "open" to having a child in the future but doesn't have a "desperate" need to have kids yet.

She said: "I'm still waiting for that to kick in. I'm not thinking babies. I mean, they look great. I'm open to it and I would like a family one day, but I'm not desperate to get moving on that front.

"Or I could - I don't know. I've heard mixed reviews. It's also about finding someone you want to have a baby with. That's what I've heard."

But the presenter admits she does want to settle down more and find a permanent base.

She told ELLE magazine: "I wouldn't mind figuring out where to be based properly because I'm flip-flopping around between London and New York. The diary dates go in and then I'm just chasing those obligations. That could continue forever, which is a worry.

"I just turned down something I really wanted to do because I was being practical about time. But I do like the balance at the moment. I have more free time and travel less. I want to have a boyfriend and I want to have a home - to do all those things."

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