Amy Schumer hates fame

Amy Schumer insists she doesn't find fame "fun" and admits it "comes with pain".

Amy Schumer hates fame

Amy Schumer doesn't find fame "fun".

The 'Trainwreck' actress admitted to a crowd - which included the likes of Robert De Niro - she is finding fame to be a "pain".

Speaking to the audience at her Act in Paris for the Sierra Club show, she said: "I'm, like, newly famous, and it turns out it's not fun. Did you guys know that?

"You're, like, you know that I'm just now learning that my dreams have been a sham, and that it's actually not great and it just only comes with pain."

The 34-year-old stand-up comedian also joked she would only last "three more months" before her career took a downward spiral.

She shared: "We all know it's going to last another three months because that's how it works. I'm already burning bridges like it's already f***ing over.

"I'm telling you, this is the last time I'll ever be onstage. The next time you see me, I'll be the girl in the elevator, like, do you want to go see the 'Sleep No Less'?"

Amy admitted she barely recognised herself when paparazzi photographs of her jetsking with pal Jennifer Lawrence did the rounds.

She quipped: "I didn't even recognise myself. I was like, 'Oh, Alfred Hitchcock is alive and enjoys watersports.'"

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