Amy Schumer is in love

Amy Schumer is "really psyched" and "in love" with new boyfriend Ben Hanisch.

Amy Schumer is in love

Amy Schumer is "in love" with her new boyfriend.

The 'Trainwreck' actress confirmed she is dating furniture designer Ben Hanisch and admitted their relationship is going well.

Speaking on the red carpet at last night's (10.01.16) Golden Globe Awards, she said: "We're really psyched, we're in love, and I'm really proud I can take him to the White House to stop gun violence."

Amy - whose official 'date' for the evening was her sister, Kim, though Ben was also in attendance - was nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy for 'Trainwreck' but joked her successful personal life was more of an "accomplishment".

She told 'Extra': "Having a boyfriend is my biggest accomplishment this year. I did write and star in a movie -- that's why I'm here."

Elsewhere on the red carpet, Amy admitted she wasn't "in a good place" to be in a relationship when she was making 'Trainwreck'.

Asked what she learned making the movie, she told E! News: "I learned that like my character did, I wasn't in a good place mentally to be with anyone else. I wasn't understanding my own value."

Asked by Ryan Seacrest if that had changed now, she replied: "Yah, I'm in a better place."

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