Andie MacDowell moves to LA now kids are grown up

Andie MacDowell has moved to Los Angeles now all her kids have flown the nest and is excited to start work on her own scripts as she has lots of stories to tell.

Andie MacDowell moves to LA now kids are grown up

Andie MacDowell is finally moving to Los Angeles now all her children have flown the nest.

The 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' star - who has daughters Rainey and Margaret and son Justin - has made the move to the Californian city now all her kids have reached their 20s.

She shared: "This is what happens at this time of your life I think for a lot of us. We downsize, right?

"I didn't avoid Los Angeles because I thought it was a horrible place. But I did want my children to have what I perceived was a more sort of normal childhood. I didn't want my business to be the main focus of what we were doing in our lives - and it wasn't."

The 57-year-old actress is now looking forward to "embracing" her new life and wants to work on penning some scripts as she has many "great stories to tell".

She added to Best Years magazine: "I am looking forward to making better connections with people in my business, and at the same time, I have two daughters who are in the business. I think it's a really natural time for me to embrace the world that I work in.

"I have great stories to tell. I think I have wonderful creative ideas, and if I'm in L.A., I may have the opportunity to bring them to fruition, but I can't make them happen sitting in this cabin in Montana!"

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