Anna Faris reveals how son Jack changed her life

Anna Faris says becoming a mother has seen a "tidal wave change" in her life.

Anna Faris reveals how son Jack changed her life

Anna Faris' identity changed when she had son Jack.

The 39-year-old actress welcomed the little boy with husband Chris Pratt in August 2012, and says she was entirely unprepared for just how much becoming a mother would change her life.

She said: "Everything that everyone says [about having a baby] is true. People really need to pound the information into you because it is a tidal wave change into your life.

"Especially as a woman, your identity changes. You are now a mom, sort of the most important job in the world, and the pressure and the guilt and all the things that are sort of wrapped up in that, I don't think anyone can prepare you for."

Jack is getting used to a certain type of lifestyle, considering both his parents are successful actors.

But Anna admits she and Chris are unsure whether or not they should continue to raise Jack in Hollywood.

She explained to the Huffington Post: "We want Jack to have as normal of a childhood or at least a similar childhood as we had. The other day I was picking him up from his pre-school and there was some paparazzi--that doesn't happen very often, when Chris is around and in town it's different--but Jack waved at them and said, 'Cheese!'"

Anna also spoke about just how incredible she finds it to see Chris and their son, adding: "It's so amazing to see that moment that Chris comes home from work and Jack is like, 'Daddy!'"

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