Antonio Banderas doesn't want more kids

Antonio Banderas doesn't want to get married or have kids with his girlfriend Nicole Kimpel because he just needs "stability".

Antonio Banderas doesn't want more kids

Antonio Banderas doesn't want kids with his girlfriend Nicole Kimpel.

The 'Desperado' star began dating Nicole last year but the couple have no plans to start a family together as he already has 19-year-old daughter Stella Banderas from his marriage to Melanie Griffith.

He explained: "Between us there is no more than what you can see now. At the moment we enjoy what we have and there is no plan of a wedding or children. I just got out of 20 beautiful years and I need this stability."

The 54-year-old hunk announced his divorce from Melanie in June 2014 following 18 years of marriage but started dating Nicole soon afterwards, with whom he is studying a fashion design course at Central Saint Martins in London.

He said: "She'll be present on my collection. Everything comes from the creation of my brand, Antonio Banderas Designs. She is really good with numbers, she has worked in a bank for years and built our company. We'll do the same courses. Although her part is the management, she is also applying the creative part."

And he claims Stella along with his step-children Alexander Bauer and Dakota Johnson are "fascinated" by his decision to study fashion.

He told Spanish newspaper El Mundo: "They are fascinated. They like that I'm not being conformist, a flush of youth, entering university to study at the same time as Stella. We have a great relationship and also with Melanie."

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