Ariana Grande wants scuba diving licence

Ariana Grande has admitted she'd like to copy Britain's Duchess Catherine by getting a scuba diving licence.

Ariana Grande wants scuba diving licence

Ariana Grande wants to get a scuba diving licence.

The 'Focus' hitmaker, 22, has admitted she would love to expand her career outside of music and even has her sights set on obtaining the training and, ultimately, the certificate to allow her to dive in the ocean without supervision after she heard Britain's Duchess Catherine, 33, had secured one.

Talking to Rickie, Melvin and Charlie on KISS FM this morning (11.11.15), she said: "I have goals. I'd love to get my scuba diving licence at some point."

The brunette beauty is also keen to pen her own book in the near future as she believes it would benefit her fans to read about her emotions and past life experiences.

She explained: "I'd like to write a book. I'm only 22 but I'd write about my experiences thus far and just feelings.

"I like putting my words out there because I feel like they make my fans feel like they're not alone and we're going through things together."

Meanwhile, Ariana recently said everyone should feel confident enough to explore outside of their boundaries.

She said: "We're all different, so I think, 'Do whatever the hell you want!' Everyone should be able to express themselves with hair, make-up, fashion, art music, and it should all be accepted - and celebrated."

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