Barbie Blank thinks Victoria Beckham is the ultimate WAG

'WAGS' star Barbie Blank - who previously wrestled under the name Kelly Kelly in WWE - has praised Victoria Beckham for being a "total WAG".

Barbie Blank thinks Victoria Beckham is the ultimate WAG

Barbie Blank considers Victoria Beckham to be the ultimate WAG.

The 28-year-old blonde beauty is one of the main stars of E! reality television series 'WAGS', which focuses on the personal lives of the wives and girlfriends of several prominent American sportsmen.

Barbie - who is engaged to ice hockey player Sheldon Souray - is an admirer of Victoria and accepts she is the 'Queen of the WAGs' due to how famous she and her husband, retired England soccer captain David Beckham, are.

When asked if she considers Victoria to be the top WAG in the world, Barbie told BANG Showbiz: "Oh yeah for sure, she's amazing. She's a total WAG for sure."

The acronym WAGs was popularised in the British media during the 2006 FIFIA World Cup in Germany and used when commenting on the activities of the partners of the England soccer team while in the European country.

Barbie insists the difference between WAGs in the UK and US is that the American wives and girlfriends come from lots of different sports rather than just soccer.

She added: "The only comparison is that WAGS in the US tend to come from all the sports, like football, baseball, ice hockey, basketball, unlike in England."

Before starring in the new E! TV show, Barbie wrestled in the WWE under the name Kelly Kelly.

She achieved great in-ring success, winning the Divas Championship before departing the company in 2012 due to a neck injury.

Although she still has a loyal army of fans from her grappling days, Barbie is now recognised more for her show 'WAGS' rather than for being a wrestler.

She said: "Now people recognise me for 'WAGS'. People are always like, 'Oh I love your show 'WAGS'. My WWE career has taken a backseat."

'WAGS' - also starring Sasha Gates, Ashley North and Natalie Halcro - airs on E! on Tuesdays at 10pm.

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