Brian May: David Bowie was a fearsome talent

Brian May has described the death of David Bowie - who passed away following an 18-month battle with cancer - as an "inestimable" loss "music and culture" and a "fearsome talent".

Brian May: David Bowie was a fearsome talent

Brian May says David Bowie's death is an "inestimable loss" to music and culture.

The Queen guitarist shared a touching post on his official website ( on Monday night (11.01.16) in which he hailed the 'Scary Monsters' songwriter as a "fearsome talent".

In the blog entry entitled "RIP David Bowie", he wrote: "I woke up late, after a long night, to shocking news. David Bowie gone. I don't know if I can react immediately. He was a fearsome talent, and the loss to Music and Culture from his passing is inestimable. In and out of our lives, always challenging and innovative, and ... shocking ... (sic)"

May, 68, is finding it "hard" to come to terms with the loss of his friend - who died on Sunday (10.01.16) following an 18-month battle with cancer - and wished he had known Bowie was ill so he could have spoken to his "hero" before he died.

He continued: "This news is hard to take in. I had no idea he was close to death. Would like to have said something ... Very sad. Sincere condolences to his family. But what a life. All hail, David Bowie, Star Man, Hero. RIP. Bri (sic)"

Queen worked with Bowie on their 1981 song 'Under Pressure', which was a worldwide hit and has gone on to be sampled in numerous other hits including Vanilla Ice rap smash 'Ice Ice Baby'

The 'Starman' singer first performed the track live with Annie Lennox and Queen at the 'Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert' in April 1992 - to celebrate the life of Freddie following his death in November 1991.

From then on Bowie included 'Under Pressure' in most of his live sets with bassist Gail Ann Dorsey taking on Freddie's vocal parts.

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