Brie Larson 'grateful' for rejection

Brie Larson insists she is "grateful" for rejection and "appreciates the darkness" she has experienced in life as it has made her a better actress.

Brie Larson 'grateful' for rejection

Brie Larson is "grateful" for rejection.

The 'Room' star - who is nominated for a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Ma in the thriller film - insists she "appreciates the darkness" she has experienced as it makes her a better actress.

She said: "I feel grateful every day for all the times I was told no. The thing I appreciate the most is the darkness I've experienced, because I wouldn't know how to play Ma or Grace [her character in 2013's 'Short Term 12'] if I hadn't experienced loss or sadness; I wouldn't know how to express it.

"It's such a valuable part of our experience: to not become afraid of the pitfalls, but to instead become curious about them."

The 26-year-old actress also starred in the well-received comedy 'Trainwreck' and couldn't help but gush about her co-star Amy Schumer for helping people to see the "ugly side of humanity".

She added to ELLE magazine: "Laughter is the best way to get over something. It's one of the things I respect most about Amy Schumer. She has found a way to get us closer to ourselves and see the ugly side of humanity, but not in a way that's pointing a finger, or that's angry. She does it in a way that makes us see the absurdity and laugh at it."

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