Brie Larson: I was a painfully shy child

'Trainwreck' actress Brie Larson has revealed she was a painfully shy child.

Brie Larson: I was a painfully shy child

Brie Larson says she was a painfully shy child.

The 'Trainwreck' actress admits she always felt like an outsider and struggled to make friends because she "worried" about being different.

The 26-year-old star said: "I was worried about my body and my face and my voice. I felt plagued that I didn't dress or talk the same way as other people. I wasn't interested in the same things."

The blonde beauty is garnering Oscar buzz for her portrayal of a kidnapped woman forced to raise her son in captivity in 'Room,' but insists she hasn't forgotten what it feels like to be a struggling actress in Hollywood.

She said: "I was still very much struggling to make ends meet until like two years ago. I still don't get recognised anywhere. Most of the time it's 'Did I go to college with you?' 'Nope, not me.' "

Brie is "super excited" to take on awards season next year, but insists success hasn't changed her.

She told PEOPLE: "When I'm sitting in bed watching 'Chopped' - that Brie I know. But I don't know the Brie in sky-high heels on a carpet with a bunch of people screaming at me. I wonder what she's like. Either way, I've got an awesome therapist and an awesome family and two really cool dogs, so I'm good."

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