Bryan Adams: I'd be boring without my hits

Rock legend Bryan Adams has revealed he is grateful for his stash of hit songs because they stop him from becoming "boring".

Bryan Adams: I'd be boring without my hits

Bryan Adams says he would be "boring" without his catalogue of big hits.

The 56-year-old rock legend is still in "love" with his fan-favourite tracks, despite having released new material in recent years, and is relieved songs like 'Everything I Do, I Do It For You' and 'Summer of 69' are still in demand because he believes they keep gigging.

Asked whether he enjoys playing the old hits, the heartthrob said: "I love it. I love it. But in fact, when you do play live what happens is people sing the song back to you and it becomes a new thing. It's not like singing the same song, because everyone is singing with you. I think you are obliged as a performer to give them that, and to go out and do that show because actually if I didn't have those songs, I would be boring."

Meanwhile, Adams is happily settled in the UK with his long term partner Alicia Grimaldi - with whom he has two young daughters, Bunny, four, and two-year-old Lula Rosylea -

and revealed his kids are just beginning to realise what he does for a living.

In an interview on UK chat show 'Loose Women', he said: "My eldest daughter came home one day and said, 'Oh papa, someone at school said you are a very good singer.' That's the first time she's ever said something like that."

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