Caitlyn Jenner made a miraculous recovery

Caitlyn Jenner's surgeons Dr. Atler and Dr. Harrison Lee were impressed with Caitlyn's fast recovery after facial feminisation surgery.

Caitlyn Jenner made a miraculous recovery

Caitlyn Jenner recovered "miraculously fast" from facial feminisation surgery.

The former Olympian - who was known as Bruce Jenner before her gender transition - had a "little bit of a panic attack" after Dr. Gary Alter and Dr. Harrison Lee conducted a 10-hour procedure to lift her brows and soften her jaw but both the 65-year-old reality star and her surgeons were delighted with the results.

Dr. Lee said: "She healed remarkably fast. Maybe because she's an Olympic athlete... I mean, at 65, she is in remarkable health."

Dr. Atler added: "It's difficult to suddenly get the realisation, I guess, that you're getting fulfillment of what you've always wanted to have done."

"You know, long surgery, a lot of changes ... so there was a little bit of a panic attack. But it could happen to anybody. It can happen to the housewife that gets a face-lift, it can happen to a young girl who gets a breast implant.

"It's not because she had facial feminisation or body surgery, it's just because this was a major change."

Caitlyn showed her gratitude to the surgeons by signing a copy of the Vanity Fair magazine that featured her first pictures as a woman.

She wrote: "To Harrison, Great Job Thank you so much Caitlyn Jenner.(sic)"

Dr. Lee's employee Vilma posted a picture of the star with her boss on Instagram holding up the signed publication.

She added : "So impressed by my boss Dr Harrison Lee's phenomenal work and being part of Caitlyn's transformation. #caitlynjenner #drharrisonlee #vanityfair #transgender #realself #loveit,'

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