Cara Delevingne writes every morning

Cara Delevingne pulls out her notebook and jots down her thoughts as soon as she wakes up in the morning.

Cara Delevingne writes every morning

Cara Delevingne writes every morning.

The model-and-actress - who is also an aspiring singer - finds she feels a lot "less crazy" when she jots down her ideas, and hopes the notes will lead to her creating something significant.

She said: "I wake up and write three pages of anything.

"It's good to release a lot and somewhere in those pages, you'll find a song or an idea.

"I start being like, I don't know what to write' and then I start writing and stuff like a character idea comes out.

"You feel a lot less crazy after. It can be a bit hard to do sometimes though."

The 'Paper Towns' star feels her burgeoning film career has improved her patience because she has grown used to spending long days on set, sometimes with nothing to do.

She told HELLO! magazine: "It's a lot of waiting. You just have to get a good book and be prepared to wait.

"There have been occasions where I've woken up at 5am to shoot and it gets to 9pm at night and they're like, 'You haven't shot all day but that's a wrap.'

"It's definitely taught me how to be patient."

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