Carrie Underwood wishes she was taller

Carrie Underwood admits if she could change one thing about herself she'd increase her height from a diminutive 5ft 3in.

Carrie Underwood wishes she was taller

Carrie Underwood wishes she was taller.

The diminutive country superstar measures in at just 5ft 3in and if she could change anything about herself it would be to add a few inches to her legs.

But Carrie makes sure she compensates for her lack of height by wearing "sky-high" heels.

She said: "I'm 5ft 3in and I would love to be a couple of inches taller. That's why I have so many pairs of sky-high heels in my closet - it means that at least I can fake being taller when I want to."

Carrie, 32, has a very busy life with her music career, husband Mike Fisher and 10-month-old son Isaiah but always ensures she finds time for herself.

The 'Heartbeat' singer likes to hit the gym for her alone time because she can't forget her stresses when she's working out.

She said: "I consider my workouts to be the one way that I pamper myself. I do them just for me. I would much rather work out than get a massage or facial any day. It makes me feel more relaxed overall and benefits my mind and body.

"I love switching it up. I run, I use a cross-trainer, I box and I do Tabata, which is short bursts of high-intensity training. I like to weight train, too, and I try to work out between four and six times a week. But it very much depends on my travel schedule and whether or not my baby son, Isaiah, will cooperate and give me the time to do so!"

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