Cate Blanchett loves working with costume designers

Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett has revealed she loves collaborating with on-set costume designers.

Cate Blanchett loves working with costume designers

Cate Blanchett loves collaborating with on-set costume designers.

The Oscar-winning actress realised during her first major role, as the virgin queen in 'Elizabeth', that historical inaccuracies are unimportant to films, and that there are subtle ways to construct a character.

She said: "I realised then that I wasn't making documentaries.

"Films are a very different thing. For instance, I love working with the costume designers on movies.

"You can visually represent the character through a dress or a bag or shoes."

The 46-year-old actress revealed how she used this approach during her starring role in the Woody Allen-directed hit 'Blue Jasmine'.

She told W magazine: "In 'Blue Jasmine', clothes illustrated my character's demise. If I can pair a Birkin bag with a knockoff sweater from Wal-Mart that looks like Chanel, I can subtly reveal the character, and I don't have to play that emotion."

Meanwhile, Cate recently disputed the suggestion that there's a lack of lack of attractive roles for Hollywood actresses.

She said: "Every time there are interesting complex roles played by actresses on screen someone asks, 'Does this mean there's going to be more of the same?'

"We seem to every year find ourselves in the same conversation, that somehow it's remarkable.

"I think there's a swathe of great roles for women and swathe of wonderful female performers. I think it's just time to get on with it."

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