Cate Blanchett's kids love her work

Cate Blanchett tried to shield her children from the spotlight but they now love going to work with her.

Cate Blanchett's kids love her work

Cate Blanchett's kids think going to work with her is like a "big sleepover".

The 'Carol' actress and her theatre director husband Andrew Upton - who have sons Dashiell, 13, Roman, 11, Igantius, seven, and baby daughter Edith, who was adopted earlier this year, together - initially wanted to "quarantine" their children from their "unpredictable" careers, but they now adore being on set and backstage at the theatre, though the couple won't encourage their brood to follow in their footsteps unless they "really" want to do it.

Blanchett said: "Initially we tried to quarantine the children from the unpredictability of creative life, but being backstage is like a big sleepover. They love it.

"If I was a lawyer, people would think, of course my children are going to become members of the bar.

"In my case, people are saying, 'Your children want to be actors.' But they have to really want to do it because there are a lot of pitfalls and rejections along the way."

Blanchett and Upton -who is executive producer of her new movie 'Carol' - previously ran the Sydney Theatre Company together and the 46-year-old actress loves working with her husband because she finds him so "fascinating".

She told Britain's OK! magazine: "A lot of people looked at us in horror when we said we wanted to run a theatre company together but it seemed like a natural extension.

"When I met him, I felt I could finally talk to someone about my work and work generally.

"Just talking to him, I found him fascinating. I love working with him."

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