Catherine Zeta-Jones: Dad's Army was hilarious to make

Catherine Zeta Jones attended the European premiere of her new movie 'Dad's Army' in London's Leicester Square on Tuesday (26.01.16) and said she laughed all throughout filming and it was a joy to be back working with British actors.

Catherine Zeta-Jones: Dad's Army was hilarious to make

Catherine Zeta-Jones "laughed" all the way through the making of 'Dad's Army'.

The Hollywood starlet was thrilled to return to the UK to make the new comedy movie - which is based on the famous BBC television sitcom set during the World War II which focuses on the home guard left behind to protect Britain from potential Nazi attacks.

And the highlight was working with some of the finest British actors around who all made her laugh hysterically throughout shooting.

Speaking on the red carpet at the premiere of the film in London, Catherine - who plays glamorous journalist Rose Winters, who is sent to report on the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard platoon - shared: 'It was everything I hoped it to be, it was all these great actors, knew their lines, knew what they were doing. We were laughing all the way through it and it just reminded me how much I love being in the UK to work and to be with British actors. It's nice to come home and this was like coming home to a cup of Ovaltine, nice and cosy."

While braving the rain on the red carpet, Catherine - who is married to Michael Douglas - was joined by the Chelsea Pensioners, all of whom were dressed in military attire, at the glitzy event.

'Dad's Army' was broadcast by the BBC from 1968 and ran until 1977 and all the original characters were brought to life in the movie adaptation.

The cream of the crop of British film were part of the cast for the Olivier Parker-directed movie, including veteran actors Sir Tom Courtenay, who plays Corporal Jones, and Frank Williams, who reprised his role from the TV series as Reverend Timothy Farthing, as well as Bill Nighy who portrayed Sergeant Wilson, 'Sherlock' star Mark Gattis (Colonel Theakes), 'The Hunger Games' actor Toby Jones (Captain Mainwaring) and Blake Harrison - who plays Private Pike - and who was joined by his 'Inbetweeners' co-star Emily Atack, who also stars as Daphne.

Michael Gambon - who plays Private Godfrey - added he was definitely the right person to depict the lovable old platoon member and retired shop assistant.

He said: "I'm like Godfrey, I'm always mooching around, I'm not doing anything right, I forget things. If someone says left, I turn right. I'm not very bright up here."

'Dad's Army' is released in cinemas on February 5.

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