Channing Tatum's pet goat dies

Channing Tatum has been left heartbroken after his pet goat Heather passed away.

Channing Tatum's pet goat dies

Channing Tatum has been left devastated after the death of his goat.

The 35-year-old actor took to his Instagram account to post an adorable picture of his late pet, Heather, and his and wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum's two-year-old daughter Everly.

He added the poignant caption: "Girl and her goat. RIP Heather. You had a damn good long run sweets. (sic)"

The picturesque photograph features the docile doe resting on a bed of hay and looking up as a crack of light shines down on her.

Everly can be seen standing still next to the nonchalant nanny and admiring her as she sunbathes.

While Channing hasn't said much about Heather before, he is known to be a big animal lover and recently shared details about his rescue horse, Smoke.

The 'Magic Mike XXL' star revealed the pony has a penchant for alcohol.

He recently wrote on Instagram: "He loves beer!"

But we're unlikely to see the booze-loving bronco rolling around on the floor in a stupor anytime soon though as the actor reassured fans his four-legged friend just likes to sniff alcohol.

He joked: "To be clear, he just loves the smell."

Channing isn't the only star mourning the loss of a pet in recent months.

Demi Lovato was left heartbroken last July when her dog Buddy was killed by a coyote.

Sadly, the vicious wild animal savaged the cute canine after getting into the backyard of their Los Angeles home.

Miley Cyrus' pet pooch Floyd was also the victim of a coyote in 2014 and the star took to Instagram to reveal she was "broken" after his passing.

Kelly Clarkson and Lady Gaga have also lost their dogs, Joplin and Alice respectively, in recent years to cancer, and in 2014 P. Diddy revealed his canine, HoneyCombs, had passed away.

He described it as "one of the saddest days of [his] life".

Diddy wrote: "GOODBYE MY FRIEND!!!!! #HoneyCOMBS RIP! To whoever has lost a Pet I feel your pain! I thank GOD for givin me a friend like you !' (sic)"

What's more, all of Hollywood seemed to shed a tear last year when it was announced that Uggie the dog, who rose to prominence in Oscar-winning movie 'The Artist', had died of a prostate tumour aged 13.

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