Charli XCX loves 'funny old' guys

Charli XCX has revealed she usually finds "funny old" guys attractive but her standards are changing with time.

Charli XCX loves 'funny old' guys

Charli XCX loves "funny old" guys.

The 23-year-old singer has admitted she's always been drawn to men who have years on her but she feels her standards are changing now she's getting older.

Asked what her ideal type of man is, she said: "Old and funny. Bill Murray is my dream man, although I'm going for younger guys as I get older."

The 'Boom Clap' hitmaker also admitted she aspires to be like 'Mr. Banks' actor Tom Hanks, 59, because he is such a "nice" person and she thinks she'll benefit from obtaining some of his likeable personality.

She explained to Grazia magazine: "My dad always says, 'Charli, try and be like Tom Hanks because everyone says he is the nicest man in the movie industry.' So every day I channel my inner Tom Hanks."

Meanwhile, Charli recently experienced an intimate dance at a woman strip club, but wasn't wowed by the experience.

She said: "I went to a strip club in Vegas recently and had a lap dance from a stripper called Symphony, which I thought was quite an inventive name. She pressed her boobs into my face. It was alright. I didn't really get it."

Despite the outrageous experience, the brunette beauty insists she's a very shy and reserved person normally.

She said: "I feel like people expect me to be really loud and intimidating, but I'm actually quite shy, unless I'm drunk."

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