Chris Hemsworth loves surfing

Hollywood hunk Chris Hemsworth has revealed his love of surfing outweighs his fear of sharks.

Chris Hemsworth loves surfing

Chris Hemsworth's love of surfing outweighs his fear of sharks.

The 32-year-old hunk grew up by a beach in Australia and despite the risk of shark attacks, Chris doesn't hesitate to jump in the water and go surfing.

He said: "My beach where we lived, directly out the front, someone got bit six to eight months ago.

"My love and obsession for surfing some days outweighs that kind of fear."

However, the Hollywood star also said his attitude wasn't based on commonsense.

He told The Project: "It's probably naivety or stupidity on my part."

Meanwhile, Chris recently admitted he asks his wife Elsa Pataky for acting advice.

He said: "It's when [Elsa] forgets she's watching me on the screen that I know I've succeeded. Someone who knows you better than anyone is able to be swept away in an illusion? That's always a nice trick."

He revealed too, that his three-year-old daughter India is slowly becoming aware of his fame.

The 'Thor' actor, who also has twin boys Sasha and Tristan, 20 months, with Elsa, said: "Once her friend had on a Spider-Man costume, so she put on a Thor costume.

"Of course she wouldn't take it off. Thankfully there weren't any paparazzi - you can imagine the headline - 'Forces Child to Wear Thor Costume.' "

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